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For all information regarding accommodation during the festival, please contact the local Tourist Office:


Phone : 00 33 (0)2 98 81 83 90 

E-mail : officedetourisme@haute-cornouaille.fr

Gites and Camping next to the festival site: please write to Pascal: gites.penarpont@orange.fr

A list of accommodation in the Chateauneuf area is available here !

You can also book accommodation on the following website: 


Getting there

There are many ways to come to the Jazz Fest !

By plane: Take off and land at Brest or Quimper airports.

By train: The closest stations are Quimper, Rosporden, Carhaix, Brest or Châteaulin, find your train on SNCF or Trainline.

By bus: Choose the Quimper-Carhaix, Châteaulin-Carhaix or Brest-Carhaix line via the Penn-ar-Bed departmental network.

By carpooling: You would like to meet other festival-goers and pay a low price for your trip while thinking of the planet ? Reserve your seat, or place an ad on BlaBlaCar, on Ouestgo or on Carpooling Libre 

By car: If you want to rent a vehicle at a low price, getaround offers private-to-private rentals, an ideal solution for coming to Fest-Jazz.

By boat: Brittany Ferries will take you from England or Ireland to Roscoff. 

We also remind you that cars aren’t allowed on the festival site. A shuttle bus, free and accessible to all, takes you from the centre of Châteauneuf-du-Faou to the site of Fest Jazz. The main road is not safe for pedestrians, only for cars, so we invite you to use the Venelle du Pont (a pretty lane starting near the Tourist Office leading to the former bar “Tal Ar Pont”) to get to the festival and back to the city centre.



Snacks and crepes :

Volunteers are working during the festival to make you enjoy crepe, buckwheat crepe and snack as grilling from Friday to Sunday. 

Food truck :

On the festival site, you can enjoy different food from various food trucks such as : 

La paille en Queue:

Food from La Réunion, from Thursday to Sunday 


Pizzas, from Thursday to Sunday 

Fish & Chips nomade

Fish and Chips, from Friday to Sunday 

Pépé Pain

Handmade “fouées” (French speciality), from Saturday to Sunday 

Vert l’Infini

Organic soup and gazpachos, from Saturday to Sunday

Kouign & cie

Super cakes and speciality tea from Saturday to Sunday


La muse Bouche d'elo

La muse Bouche d'Elo - Cooking Planner

On Saturday 29 July, from 12pm come and enjoy the “Déjeuner Champêtre”, a meal (booking required) which will be served in the Salle Georges Le Meur next to the gîtes and the festival site, for 18 euros per person. From 12pm, the jazz group Hot Nuts will be playing during the meal, dancing is encouraged! It would be possible to reserve your meal from 5th June by calling the association’s office to the following number: from Monday to Thursday, 10am to 5pm or write to contact@fest-jazz.com with details of your reservation, name and number.

 On the menu: 

 Kir breton planche apéritive (cochonaille, brochette   de légumes, fruits, fromage)

 Pommes de terre papillotes 

 Mignon de porc forestier

 Poêlée de légumes

 Café gourmand