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Luca Sestak

À seulement 27 ans, Luca a su développer son style, savant mélange de la virtuosité du jazz à la modernité de la pop. Le tout avec beaucoup de maturité. Véritable étoile montante du jazz européen dans la constellation de Jamie Cullum.

 Cumulant des millions de vues sur internet, honoré de nombreux trophées, écumant les festivals européens: il n’a plus qu’à conquérir votre cœur.

When Luca put his first videos of him playing the piano on YouTube at age 11, he didn’t expect it would escalate: 15 years and 20 million video views later things have changed – As a trio together with his drummer and bass player the musicians set the stage on fire – one you can’t put out easily!

Despite his age Luca has had a remarkable career path in the music industry. After winning several piano competitions he has played on concerts and festivals all over the world, from Europe to Asia and the USA.

Boundaries, limits? There are none! Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop and Classical are thrown into a pot, being mixed up and combined with each other – the result is their very own style. At least when every foot in the audience is stomping to the beat, Chopin learns how to play the Blues and „House of the Rising Sun“ gets funky, you know: This is no piano concert – these guys rock!

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